Anti-Aging Product Review – The Back-To-Sleep Pillow

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I was recently contacted by the owner of Sleep Time Products.  Her name is Liz Tiffin, a fellow womanpreneur, and she had created an anti-aging product, called the Back-To-Sleep pillow that she wanted me to try out.

Basically, sleeping on your back is the best way to prevent wrinkles, since your sleeping position can affect your skin on a long-term basis (who knew?).

This pillow is the solution, training you to sleep comfortably on your back, thus reducing the incidence of wrinkling on your face and upper body.  Genius!

Watch my exclusive review of the pillow itself above for my first impressions.

I am definitely going to use this pillow and try it out…however, I am a die-hard side sleeper, so we will see how this goes….I’m not too sure, lol.  But, the benefits are plenty.

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