New 2017 Fibi & Clo Fall Catalog

The 2017 fibi & clo fall catalog was released just these past couple of weeks in August, and we have some amazing things on tap for anyone in love with fall shoes! I’m Leslie, independent Fashion Agent with fibi & clo #9185104789, and I’m so excited to share with you fibi & clo’s new release […]

Fibi and Clo Review (2017)

Hello and welcome! You’re here because you are looking for a fibi and clo review? Well, look no further. I will give insight on both the business opportunity and actual products of the company, so stay tuned. Overview Fibi & clo has relaunched as of March 2017. I had never heard of fibi & clo […]

What Are Fibi and Clo Prices Like?

Fibi And Clo Prices You’re here because you may have heard of the amazingly-cute, sparkly and sassy shoe company Fibi & Clo. You’ve seen the shoes…you’ve fallen in love…and you’re wondering, JUST HOW MUCH DO THEY COST? Stuck on Fibi and Clo prices? Read on! Well, I’m Leslie Walters, independent Fibi & Clo fashion agent […]