Prevent Aging With Facial Massage

Recently, I was asked to do a review for a wonderful exfoliation and massage tool, and it was the first time that I was ever seriously introduced to facial massage. Touted as an alternative to cosmetic surgery, facial massage: -tones and soothes dry, wrinkled and saggy skin. -applies skin-nourishing oils and essential oils -hydrates and […]

Are There Any Natural Alternatives To Botox?

Hands down, Botox creeps me out. The thought of needles is bad enough, but needles in your face? Injecting toxins? No thank you. However, nearing forty, I understand the desperation and fear that comes with aging. And, in many times in some minds, desperate times call for desperate measures. I get it: no one wants […]

One Awesome Skin Care Hack To Get Glowing Skin In Minutes At Home

Who doesn’t want to exit the house with glowing skin? You know, the kind that barely needs any foundation? That gets tons of compliments and second glances?

Dull, dry, lifeless skin is most certainly a drag and instead a dewy, rosy, healthy glow is more desirable. But, did you know It’s also easy to achieve? Keep on reading to discover how to get a healthy glow to your complexion.