Are Swiss Apple Stem Cells Your New Best Friend?: The Truth About Swiss Apple Stem Cells

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What does one funny sounding apple from Europe have to do with your fight in anti-aging and keeping your skin youthful? Apparently much! This little-known skin care secret is proving to be nothing less than a powerhouse, revolutionizing the skin care game and helping to keep skin ‘turnt up’ for life. And, I’m not talking about the eating an apple a day keeps the doctor away type stuff.  I’m referring to Swiss Apple Stem Cells.

Swiss Apple Stem Cells…What Do You Mean?

The apple is the Uttwiller Spätlauber which hails from Northern Switzerland. Due to the fact that this apple tastes much more sour than the average, it was not being harvested frequently for the usual apple uses and was actually dying out. However, there was interest regarding the fact that this apple’s shelf life far outweighed that of other apples, maintaining its fresh look and feel for up to four months after being harvested! Turns out the reason was due to the remarkable longevity of the Swiss apple’s stem cells.

Why This Is Important For Your Skin

Us humans have stem cells in our skin which are responsible for replenishing and maintaining the balance of cells within the skin tissue, as well as regenerating tissue which has been damaged. But, as we age, the amount of stem cells we possess decrease and their efficiency decreases too. The Swiss apple stem cells have been proven to have a positive influence on the vitality of skin stem cells, rendering them more efficient and stimulating them to live longer.  This also helps to prevent wrinkles from forming and helps to defend skin from UV radiation.

And rumor has it that Swiss apple stem cells are the must-have, go-to component to the First Lady Michelle Obama’s skin care routine as well!

However, unlike the first lady, you don’t have to even think about spending $300 to experience the benefits of this anti-aging powerhouse.  The Iaso Luna Night Moisturizer, brings the benefits of swiss apple stem cells to your house for a way more affordable price.

An apple a day, indeed!

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