Who Owns Your Life?

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This is about who owns your life. At first, this seems like a ridiculous question since the answer is obvious, right?

If you make your own decisions from day to day surely you’re in complete control…


* Who puts money in your bank every month? Not you!
You go to work for money, but you don’t control it.

* Who determines when your alarm clock goes off? Again, not you!
You set it yourself, but you don’t control it.

* Who says when you can have a vacation? Not you either!
You don’t take a vacation when you need it, you “save up” vacation time and cash it in when you’re allowed to. Bah humbug!

Most people get 2 weeks of vacation time per year. 26 weeks on, 1 week off. Here’s the scary part: to get 1 year of time off – time of YOUR OWN LIFE – you need to work a grand total of 26 years!

It’s shameful and shocking that so many people buy into this plan. It’s a timescale set by other people, imposed on your life, and it’s completely unfair.

It’s like a 26 year prison sentence with 1 year off for good behavior. Does that sound like Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness? Does that sound like freedom to you?

Not to me it doesn’t.

The life we should be leading is not filled with someone else’s timetable. Your boss will survive without you, the company will survive without you, and you will definitely survive without them.

You need to take control of your finances, first and foremost. You can’t take control of your time yet if you don’t have enough money to live on. Taking control of your finances means making sure you have a large enough income from a business or investments outside of your job, so you no longer rely on your job for your financial security. You no longer need your job, or anyone telling you what to do, for money.

Here is the plan that I am using to take control of my finances.

What would it look like if you no longer needed your job for money? Would you continue to go to work anyway, or would you focus on something more fulfilling?

If you had an income outside of your job you could be free to walk away any time you wanted, and not worry or feel fear, wave goodbye to your co-workers, tell your boss exactly what it was like working for them, and skip off into a life run by your own timetable, at your own speed, for your own reasons.

This is something most people can achieve if they have the right plan, and it’s something millions of normal people have achieved already.

Click here for the plan to achieve this too…

If you want some form of a home-based business to pay your full-time income in 2 or 3 years time, you need to get started now. If you’d started 3 years ago, how much would you be earning now?

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If you already have one and need a way to consistently fund it, go to www.StopStrugglingOnline.com.

The best time to start a home-based business is 3 years ago.
The second best time is right now!

Take back control of your finances, your time, the direction of your life, and stop living each day just for a boss by clicking here.

To Your Success,
Leslie Walters


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