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Let me know if you identify with something I realized.

Our minds, hours, days, weeks, even entire lives are constantly interrupted. We try to focus on the important things and end up having to deal with smaller, even “petty” things.

Making sure the trash is taken out, getting everyone to school on time, “potty”-training the puppy…

We have goals, we have dreams, we have important To-Do lists for our futures and well-being…and yet they never happen.

Life seems to just get in the way.

Are You Familiar With This Frustrating Feeling?

Some people spend their entire life trying to stay afloat and survive, and neglecting what makes their life exciting.

If you made a list of everything you “waste” your time on — I mean, things you feel you HAVE to do but don’t like — things like paying bills, and going to work…

And at the same time, also made a list of everything you’d rather do instead…I’m sure you would see why millions of people have pursued a different path through life (by which I mean, a path of time and money freedom).

    What are your goals?
    Is everything you want to achieve possible if you continue giving up 5 days of your week to a job?
    Is everything possible if you only earn as much as you earn now?

In response to these tough questions, my reaction was to start viewing things differently. I decided to no longer live to work, I started working to live!

I no longer wanted to hand over the majority of my week to a boss, nor did I want to watch the years fly by without major steps towards living the life I actually wanted to live.

I started working from home in my spare time.

My income, outside of my job, started increasing, and my job became less and less relevant over time. If this were an option for you, would you take it?

When you start freeing up your time, and start earning more money, you start to see all the options available to you.

    Instead of taking vacations when your boss says you can, go whenever you please!
    Instead of sitting in traffic every day to get to work, start a new hobby!
    Instead of working all day in a boring job, start volunteering your time at your favourite charity, or spend it learning languages, or building your business, or reading books, or flying hot air balloons… anything!

Reclaiming your time is the most valuable thing you could do for your life, and you can start your journey on that path today.

Having the time and money to focus on what’s truly important to you, instead of what your boss says is important, is the surest way to live a life that other people envy.

Living an enviable life doesn’t come from working endless hours for not enough money.

It comes from seizing your own time and focusing on what’s important to you.

To Your Success!

–Leslie Walters

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