My Why (Why Care About Skincare?)

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My “Why”

The other day actually, I was stopped by a teenager. I’m pretty sure she had to be somewhere in the area of 15 to 17 or something. This is what she said to me (ruefully and longingly).

“You’re so pretty! I wish I had your skin.”

After thanking her, I wondered after that, how many other (then 35, now 37) year olds hear from girls half their age, that they wish they had their skin?? Probably not many.

The girl’s skin was beautiful…it was smooth and blemish-free (her face in no way resembled pizza…not at all).

Yet, she saw something in mine that she envied.

This is why I am doing what I do.

Because every woman deserves to not show signs of aging until well into their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond.

Every woman can have glowing, soft, buttery skin.

Because we have control to slow down the aging process, and to reduce and turn back the fine lines and creases, and stay them back, if not forever, then for a heck of a long time…


You just have to learn, and then do. And that’s why I am here.

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To your beautiful skin!
xoxo Leslie Walters–

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Sharing is caring!

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