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Why Use YouTube To Market Your Direct Sales Business?

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Using YouTube To Market Your Direct Sales Business

When thinking of YouTube, silly autotune and crazy cat videos may come to mind, but did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world…that is owned by the first largest search engine in the world (Google)?

That means a perfect opportunity for you to stand out in the crowd concerning your direct sales business!

Why YouTube?

    *You stand out as the authority/leader in your company as you teach potential customers and recruits about your products and opportunity.
    *When a potential customer or recruit types a search query related to your company into YouTube (or Google) your video will come up as a result.
    *You have the potential to reach anyone across the whole world at any time of the day or night, even as you sleep.
    *As total strangers watch you, they feel as though they are interacting with you and getting to know you. This may influence them to decide to do business with you or join your team over others as you are more than just a cardboard cutout…they are truly getting to know you via your video.
    *When they finish watching your video, other videos of yours will play at the end or be suggested in the sidebar. Therefore, it’s absolutely important for you to create more than one (we will get into that later) so that you truly do become the authority.

It’s Not About Subscribers

You may be saying, but I’m just starting out and I don’t have any subscribers… That’s alright!

With this particular strategy, it’s not about getting subscribers to engage with your YouTube videos (although, if you already have a following, that’s great too. Definitely take advantage of that.)

The strategy that I’m encouraging you to employ is similar to what you would use a blog for in certain instances, and that is to get your video content found by those people actively searching the net for content related to your direct sales company.

These people are your prospective customers and team members!

They found out about your company some other way. And, now they are taking to the internet to find out more information.

When they search for information related to your company, we want them to find you!

Then, we want them to trust you and like you.

Then, we want them to be convinced to buy from you or join your team (or at least contact YOU for more information instead of someone else).

Yes, people DO buy from YouTube video links!

Over time, these viewers will become subscribers on their own, and you will grow your channel organically.

How To Get Found On YouTube

A frequent mistake of YouTube marketers is just uploading their video and hoping for the best. Here are some simple steps you can take to increase your video’s chances of success.

This is not an overnight strategy, so don’t expect instant success. But, over a few weeks of consistent effort, you will see some action and reward from your calculated efforts.

    *Set up your channel professionally. Set a friendly profile picture and make sure your channel background has some information about you and your business, along with an inviting picture. DON’T leave these things blank…you will look like a spammer. People choose whether to subscribe or not by taking a quick peek at your channel, so influence them in the right direction.
    *Don’t just throw up one video and call it done. This is not a quick short-term fix, it is a long-term strategy to serve your business for years to come. Once you post, the video is always there for people to find, over and over.
    *Start by posting 5-7 videos related to your direct sales business to fill up your channel. This DOES NOT have to be done all at once. As you shoot videos and upload them, continue adding more. The more content that you have, the more chances you have of being found.

Some Potential Video Ideas:

    *{Your Company} Review – this is a very common search query people use when trying to find out more information about your company.
    *{Your Company} Unboxing – Show on camera the latest stuff you’ve gotten from your company
    *{Your Company} Starter Kit Unboxing – potential recruits want to know what they are getting for their money. They may just decide to join you after watching your video!
    *Training – When your upline has a training call, take a huge amount of notes. Then, just re-teach what they taught you via your video, and look like a marketing boss!
    *How To – show how to properly use your products or talk about what makes them unique

The sky is truly the limit here. The point is to create videos based upon what you think potential customers and recruits are interested in finding out about your particular company. Answer their questions, show them the products, teach and train them.

    *Always include a call to action in your video. TELL THE VIEWER WHAT TO DO after having watched your video. Don’t let them watch without inviting them to:

      -Visit your page to purchase or join
      -email you for more info
      -follow you on your other social media channels (and include the links)
      -subscribe, etc.

    Be friendly, and don’t be pushy or salesy. However, if they’re watching, they’re interested, so invite them to take the next step…always!

    *Write a good description that contains keywords that one might use to find your video. Also, be sure to include your site’s URL in the description.

      -Always include a link or a way to contact them in your description box
      -Always include a way for them to find you, contact you and/or buy from you. Link underneath the video to your company page, or even, your blog
      -Don’t leave it blank! Include as much contact info in the description box as possible.
    *Include lots of keyword queries in your description box and title
    Your video needs to be found when the person searches. Therefore, you can’t title your video, “My video”, and expect it to get found.

      -include your company name in the title
      -write out your company name, and any search keywords you are targeting for, in your description box (in an organic, not weird way). That way, Google can figure out that your video is relevant to your company.
      -If you can, title the actual video file with your keyword before uploading it to YouTube. That helps with getting your video recognized.
    *Take care to put your video in the right category, and make full use of tags. Add tags that describe your business and products, as well as the video’s subject matter. This will help users find your video more easily.
    *Be sure to allow embedding, comments and ratings. Allowing others to embed your video will give it more exposure. Making it possible for them to comment will generate discussion, which is also good for your video’s success. And allowing ratings could put you higher in YouTube’s search rankings if people like your video.


Some Additional Tips

    *Pay attention to your lighting and your background. Nobody likes dark videos. It doesn’t have to look 100% professional, but well done will get you more views.
    *Don’t go out and spend loads of money on equipment right away if you don’t want to. Your smartphone and a phone tripod will do just fine in the beginning (but be sure to have the camera facing landscape).
    *You don’t need fancy video editing software. I use Wevideo. It is 100% cloud based online, and they even have an app on the Google and Iphone stores. Shoot on your phone, upload through the app to WeVideo, and then do a quick editing job online.
    *You don’t HAVE to edit, but editing makes things cleaner and more seamless.

Use Your Videos Beyond YouTube

You can further use the content that you have created in many different ways.

    *Embed your video on your blog as a new blog post and title the post the same as the video. That way, there are two ways you can be found on Google for that keyword.
    *Share the video on your Facebook profile or business page
    *Pin your YouTube video (videos can be pinned!)
    *Tweet your video
    *Email a link to your video to your email contacts or list

YouTube is an invaluable marketing tool. It gives businesses the opportunity to use the popularity of online video to their advantage. Anyone can create a video with your smartphone and Windows Movie Maker/iMovie and upload it to YouTube, so why not give it a try?

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