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How I Recruited My First Team Member Before Ever Selling A Thing!

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Since joining Fibi and Clo in early March when they re-launched, I have to admit, I took a solid seat on the sidelines for a while. Firstly, I joined solely and completely because it was 100% free to do so, but I didn’t have a very firm grasp on whether I was going to actually work the business or just use the discount every once in a while. You know, be one of those consultants.

Mind you, this was the 4th direct sales/mlm company that I had joined, over a period of about 6 years, so I knew all of my family and friends had seen me company-hop, and probably weren’t going to be too overly-keen on following me on another escapade…at least at first. So, I joined, yet I sat and watched and soaked up training, both from my upline and from other sources for about a month and a half before I decided – wait a minute, Fibi & Clo is for me after all! YES!

There were MANY different factors that got me locked in and loaded with Fibi & Clo, which I won’t mention here. I noticed that although the company had been around for a few years prior, they were still very, very small and their exposure on the web was still somewhat limited. So, I launched a few blog posts from this site, (all findable if you go to the category “Fibi & Clo” on this blog, to the right…with more posts to come) paying attention to SEO and using simple keywords from a very light keyword research session.

The Kicker

When it comes to training for direct sales, and strategies that are touted for finding customers, hostesses and teammates, blogging is mentioned the least.
The least.
Like, I really think there are only a few mentors out there that are connecting and helping direct sales consultants realize how important it is to have a blog. And, even worse, I think that there are only a few direct sales ladies who are even getting it!

But, my first recruit into my F&C business found me through my blog. AND CONTACTED ME ALREADY READY TO JOIN!

Ok, hold up, what??? I didn’t have to chase after her, or convince her, or any of that??


How She Found Me

I got a random friend request on Facebook from a lady. And, because I just happened to be going through a Facebook training from a very high-ranking, high-paid director in another direct sales company, I was learning to expand my personal Facebook profile to now be my business calling card. This means expanding my friends list beyond personal friends and family, so I accepted the friend request. Next thing I know, she was gushing all over my wall saying how excited she was to join!

Woah, that was unexpected!

I hadn’t received my first order of shoes yet. I hadn’t told a soul about my new business yet (personally). I hadn’t put up one FB post, or pic or had one home or online party. I hadn’t sold a thing.

Yet, here I was with my first recruit. BECAUSE OF BLOGGING!

Blogging IS For Direct Sales Too

When People out there are interested in a company, they are GOING to do a Google search for more information. Think about it, don’t you? They are going to look for reviews, articles, videos…any information they can to make their decision. They are even going to look for a sponsor! Yes!

People look for and peruse information online before making buying decisions. It’s just truth. Now, the important part, is you need a blog (along with other social media channels connected to your blog) so that they can find YOU!

Your posts get indexed in Google, and may come up when they do a search. You want to be FINDABLE!

Click over here to my self-hosted WordPress blog set-up tutorial. But, if the whole self-hosted WordPress thing overwhelms you, then you are welcome to just join the National Direct Selling Registry. They will help your business profile get indexed and ranked for SEO, and also at some point in the near future they are going to add a blog feature to your membership. Yay! A blog right there…no other hosting or tech necessary. Very simple!

So, now there’s no excuse not to GET FOUND ON THE INTERNET!

Rock on, ladies!


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