How To Get A Closet Full Of Free Clothes For Your Child EVERY SEASON!

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Who doesn’t love clothes? Or, free clothes at that? And kids need clothes! They are constantly outgrowing and wearing out their stuff, so it seems like purchasing clothing for them is a constant chore!

I’m pretty excited that I found a way to get free clothing for my 3 children. This has worked pretty well for me so far, and I wanted to help you help your household! This has really been a blessing and saved me lots of money out of my budget.

I just want to start off by tallying my results:

Spring (March) 2017: I was able to get 7 free items.
Summer (May) 2017: I was able to get 24 free items.
And I fully expect that the number will continue to rise going through the summer and into Back To School (I’ll keep you posted).

These are all:

  • Brand new with tags, no second-hand.
  • Some are major name brand (we’ve gotten 7 for all Mankind, Lucky Brand, Reebok, Diesel, LRG, etc.)
  • Don’t require couponing, sales, members rewards, or even going to a store at all.
  • Intrigued? Keep reading!

    Some of the stuff we got free!

    Where Do I Get The Clothes?

    So, what’s my secret? I’m about to share. Lean in closer…

    …It’s…clothing subscription boxes…for kids!

    But, not just any old subscription boxes. These are a bit different than your average Ipsy or Birchbox type business model. These are free to join and you do not pay upfront.

    You join for free and are shipped out a box full of clothing (anywhere from 7-12 items, depending on the service). To sign up, you do have to enter in your credit card information, but you are not charged any fee. They will verify that your card is legit, and then about a week later, your box is on it’s way to you.

    1. You join (for free) and fill out a brief style/size quiz for your child.
    2. They ship you (for free) the box of clothing.
    3. You receive the clothing, try them on your child in the comfort of your home.
    4. You keep (and pay for) the items you like, and send back (again, for free) the items you don’t want.
    5. Rinse and repeat every season or as often as you like.

    There are three main kids subscription boxes that follow this model that I focus on, and they are Kidbox, Rockets of Awesome and Kidpik.

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    How To Get The Clothes For Free

    The wonderful thing is, that each of these three subscription box companies have pretty generous referral programs that allow you to get free stuff whenever someone starts a subscription and purchases through your link. So, when you sign up to receive a box, you are automatically signed up for their referral program.

    I got free clothing through my referral links by posting YouTube unboxing videos!

    Honestly, I didn’t even think it would work, and maybe you don’t think it will work for you either. But, I went ahead and tried it, and guess what!? People bought through my links! So, it’s completely possible, and you can certainly do it too!

    You may think that you don’t have many subscribers, so that won’t work. Honestly, it doesn’t matter how many subscribers you have AT ALL!

    Think about it! When you are interested in making a major purchase, where do you go to research it?

    I bet you said YouTube (or Google, which owns YouTube)! There are tons of people every day who are interested in starting subscriptions with these companies, so they poke around on YouTube looking for unboxing videos to see what other people got. From there, they make their choice to purchase or not.

    You do it! I do it too! So, capitalize on these people doing it!

    What To Do

    So, here’s the exact formula that I followed.

    1. When you get the box in the mail, set up your camera phone and do an unboxing on video.

      a. Make sure the video is well-lit
      b. Be bright and cheery
      c. You can either unbox fresh on camera, or just film a recap later after you’ve opened off-camera
      d. It can be just you or it can be you with your child. It’s up to you.
      e. Go piece by piece and showcase brand, price and do a recap of the total amount box is worth
      f. GIVE YOUR VIEWERS A CALL TO ACTION! This is the most important! While filming SPECIFICALLY MENTION in the video that people can get x amount off their first box (or whatever the incentive is) if they start a subscription by clicking the link below in the description box. Don’t leave it up to chance. TELL YOUR VIEWER WHAT TO DO. (And, stress that it’s free to start).

    2. Editing is optional. I like to use WeVideo to edit.

    3. Upload the video to YouTube. Use descriptive keywords in the title, description and tags. Make sure the video is titled ” XYZ Unboxing and Review” and put the season/month and year so that people looking for the latest video unboxings can find it. Also mention if its for a boy or girl and size so that people who have similarly gendered and aged children can find your video.

    4. Put your referral link in the description box. Make sure to start it with https:// so that YouTube will make it clickable.

    5. Anything in your first box that you want to keep, you will have to pay for initially. But, don’t worry, this will pay off later! Plus, if you use someone else’s referral codes, you will get discounts (see mine below). Or, you can send the whole box back. You don’t HAVE to purchase anything. That’s the beauty of these companies.

    6. Next season, when you get your next shipment, do it again. And, again. And, again.

    7. People researching these boxes will respond to your call-to-action when they’ve seen enough to base their decision on and start a subscription through your link.

    Here’s an example of a video I shot recently:

    Everything in this video I got for absolutely free, by the way!

    Which Boxes Are Best?

    I have had the most luck with Kidbox. To date, I have had 17 people purchase through my Kidbox referral link. When someone signs up through your link, they get $25 off their first box (they have to buy the whole box) and you get a $25 Kidbox credit. A whole box is normally $98, so they will only pay $73. If you rack up enough $25 credits (around 4), that’s a free box for you! Free clothes!
    These are brand name clothes, mall quality. Very recognizable names.
    Get $25 off your first Kidbox here!

    Then, I have had luck with Rockets of Awesome. So far, 6 people have purchased through my ROA referral link. When someone signs up through your link, they get a free item of their choice from their box with their first purchase. So, if they buy 2 items, one of them will be free. And, you get one free item too for referring them.
    These clothes are the “Rockets of Awesome” brand.
    Get a free item of your choice with Rockets of Awesome here!

    There there is Kidpik. They just started their referral program a few weeks ago, so no one has purchased through my link that I’m aware of yet. When someone signs up through your link, they get $15 off their first box, and you get $15 Kidpik credit if they purchase $40+ total.
    These clothes are the “Kidpik” brand, and they are only for girls.
    Get $15 off your first Kidpik box here!

    Just sign up for these boxes, post the unboxings, and watch the referrals rack up.

    Why This Works

    Honestly, unboxings are like the gift that keep on giving. Every season, every month, people are going to be curious to see what other people got in their boxes to see if they want it too. It’s evergreen and neverending.

    Come on, you watch unboxings! You know what I mean.

    As long as you keep churning them out every season, there will be people who will watch to see what they can get. Plus, people want to compare their boxes to other peoples. Unboxings are VERY popular on YouTube.

    As long as you keep it lively, entertaining and give them a CALL TO ACTION, people will click. Yes, random strangers. And, no you don’t need a bazillion views!

    But, don’t just take MY word for it. Try it!

    And, be a savvy momma saving that money!

    To Your Success,
    xoxo Leslie

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