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Direct Sales Success Mindset Breakthrough #3: Allow No Excuses!

If you missed Part 1 or Part 2 of this breakthrough series, go ahead and have a look see. Excuse Me?? In the immortal words of one of the greatest philosophers of our generation: Do or do not: There is no try. –Yoda Yeah, that little green guy had it right: When it comes down …

benefits of soy candles

5 Shocking Benefits of Soy Candles You Never Thought Of Before

What’s Wrong With Wax Candles? Now, you must know…I love burning candles. I have always loved aromatherapy scents, and it started for me in high school when I would burn incense because I loved the smell. Then, it evolved to scented candles, and I couldn’t get enough of those. A trip to the Yankee Candle …

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Blogging For Direct Sales Reviews

How To Automate Your Blog Posts To Social Media Over The Next 365 Days

One big obstacle and problem in the world of blogging is remembering to market your posts on social media. Sure, when you first click “publish” you are excited to share it to all of your accounts and lists. But, then you’re probably on to the next…and leaving money on the table! What if you could …

monetize your blog
Blogging For Direct Sales

Ways To Monetize Your Blog Posts – Blogging And Direct Sales

So, you’ve got your direct sales blog, and now you’re trying to figure out, how exactly am I going to make money from this thing? You need to monetize your blog posts and your direct sales blog in general. If you’re putting in the work, doing the research, and growing the audience, chances are you’d …

Blogging For Direct Sales

6 Tips For Crafting Click-Worthy Blog Post Titles!

Blog Post Titles Are Important! The most important part of your blog post…is your title. Wait…is that what you thought I would say? What about the carefully crafted content, and the seamless linking efforts you spent hours on? Well, think about it this way: if you don’t grab your reader’s’ attention with the title and …

how to start a direct sales blog
Blogging For Direct Sales

How To Start A Direct Sales Blog Part II: Blog Design

If you missed, Part I, which details step-by-step setting up your self-hosted WordPress blog for the first time, click here to read it. This post details what you need to do after you’ve installed WordPress onto your domain and are ready to start blogging! Ready? How To Start A Direct Sales Blog Part II: Designing …

how to start a direct sales blog
Blogging For Direct Sales

How To Start A Direct Sales Blog

How To Start A Direct Sales Blog So you have finally decided to take the plunge and create your first self-hosted WordPress blog! Congratulations! This tutorial will teach you how to start a direct sales blog. Don’t worry, this is not as difficult as it might sound. They have definitely made this process A WHOLE …